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Tell House Republicans: Hands Off Social Security and Medicare

Congressional Republicans haven't done a single thing to create jobs or address our challenging economy since taking power in January.

Instead, Speaker John Boehner and Republican Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan have cooked up a radical scheme to cut the Social Security and Medicare that hardworking seniors have earned.

The Republicans' reckless privatization scheme will jeopardize health care for 47 million American seniors and people with disabilities, and we must do whatever it takes to protect this critical safety net.

Social Security and Medicare belong to the people who worked their whole life to pay into the system. It's not the government's piggybank to balance the budget on the backs of seniors.

Seniors, our children, and grandchildren deserve better than an extreme plan that will take away seniors' basic benefits.

Take action today -- tell Speaker Boehner and Chairman Ryan to keep their hands of Social Security and Medicare!

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