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Tell Hilton to Prevent Child Prostitution in Their Hotels

A Hilton Hotel in southwest China lost its five star rating this week after an underground brothel was found to be operating out of the hotel last month. While law enforcement hasn't released the ages of the persons identified in the underground brothel, similar brothels have contained children and human trafficking victims. And this isn't the first time an underground brothel has been operating at a Hilton Hotel. In 2008, a brothel was being run out of a Hilton in Ireland. And Consumerist named the Hilton in Washington DC the third most prostitution-friendly hotel in the city, based on the phone records of the DC Madme. I would hope that with so many brothels being operated out of their hotels, Hilton would take pains to ensure that none of them involve children.

Companies like Hilton have the power to help prevent the the forced prostitution of children on their watch. Please, ask them to do so.


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