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Although Look Puppies in Henderson, Nevada was visited by Animal Control nearly 50 times since 2006, the business still continues to sell puppies. In fact, the pet shop touts itself as an adoption facility. The facility conditions are deplorable. Rusted cages stacked on top of each other, cockroaches crawling throughout the shop, and sick animals are some of the most common complaints.

While the city has shut down the shop a couple of times, the owners have historically addressed the complaints during their allotted five-day window and have been permitted to reopen. A local television station has been integral in the investigation, and most recently reported the latest temporary closure.

Despite four years of complaints, local officials continue to allow the business operate. The sick puppies are forced to live in overcrowded, filthy crates. These inhumane conditions should not be allowed to continue. It's time to shut down Look Puppies for good.

Image: Brett McBain

Letter to
Animal Control Administrator Gary D. Weddle, DVM
Mayor Andy A. Hafen
Gerri Schroder
and 3 others
Debra March
Kathleen Boutin
Steven Kirk
I'm writing to ask you to close Look Puppies. The animals in the pet shop are living in appalling conditions, and consumers who have purchased puppies from the pet store find themselves with sick and stressed animals. I urge you consider not only the welfare of the puppies in the shop but also the time and resources your city is spending in dealing with individual complaints.

Since 2006, the City of Henderson's Animal Control has been called to the store nearly 50 times on a variety of complaints ranging from the cleanliness of the facility to the poor health of the animals. These repeated calls waste the city's resources and the taxpayers' dollars.

Look Puppies has been given many second chances. Instead of continuing to react to each individual complaint, shut down the business.

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