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Tell Graco to Stop Using Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Baby Products

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My name is Sara Snow, and I’m writing to you as a concerned mother and green living advocate who is concerned that toxic chemical flame retardants found in baby products are putting our kids’ health at risk. I’m asking you to join me in petitioning Graco to stop using cancer-causing flame retardant chemicals in baby products.

I’m no stranger to green living. My parents, who were natural food pioneers in the 1970s and founded Eden Foods, taught me about the importance of healthy living and organic foods.

But during my pregnancy, I became even more aware that eating healthy wasn’t enough. Working with Healthy Child Healthy World, I learned there are toxic chemicals all around us - in our cleaning products, our lotions, even in the mattresses we might sleep on. It blew my mind to learn that toxic flame retardants are in the foam of so many of the products where babies spend so much of their time: strollers, car seats, nursing pillows, and more.

I strongly believe no mother should have to wake up and realize that she bought, or was given, the wrong item. And that the very thing she thought was keeping her baby safe, is in reality harming her child’s health.

Recent tests have found chlorinated Tris, a probable carcinogen that was voluntarily removed from children’s pajamas in the 1970s, in Graco car seats, booster seats, and strollers.

California recently added chlorinated Tris to their list of probable carcinogens. Now, new research suggests that beyond its potential cancer-causing properties, the chemical may also be harmful to the nervous system.

What’s even crazier is that studies show the toxic chemicals added to these baby products do not provide any fire safety benefit. Which means that our kids are being exposed to harmful chemicals in baby products that don’t even significantly slow fires.

Some manufacturers have already found alternatives to using Tris andhalogenated flame retardants. But, unfortunately, not Graco. Not yet anyway.

Please join me in asking Graco to protect babies and young children from fires without using cancer-causing chemicals. Tell Graco to use the least toxic materials for their baby products and refuse to use foam that contains halogenated flame retardants.

Please sign my petition to Graco Children's Products Inc. President Kristie Juster.


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