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Petitioning Governor Ted Strickland

Tell Governor Strickland: Grant Clemency To Kevin Keith

We have only days to save an innocent man's life. Send a letter directly to Governor Strickland by clicking the "Sign" button and ask him to grant clemency to Kevin Keith, who is scheduled to be executed on September 15, despite new evidence of his innocence. 


Letter to
Governor Ted Strickland
I urge you to grant clemency for Kevin Keith. ‎

As you have recognized, your “responsibility is to try as best as [you] can to make sure that no human being is ever executed in Ohio without there being absolute certainty.” There are too many unanswered questions in Mr. Keith’s case for there to be absolute certainty of his guilt.

No court or jury has ever considered the entirety of the new evidence that raises serious questions about Mr. Keith’s guilt. It is wrong to execute a man without giving him a chance to present evidence of his innocence in court.

You were right when you said Mr. Keith’s case has circumstances that are “troubling.” The key witness against Mr. Keith first told four people he could not identify the shooter because the shooter was wearing a mask. The police showed this witness a highly suggestive photo lineup, with Mr. Keith’s face made larger than the others.

You signed reform legislation to prevent unreliable and inaccurate identification procedures like this, but those reforms came too late to save Mr. Keith. His only chance now is clemency, which you have the sole power to grant.

New evidence shows that someone else told a police informant that he was paid to commit the crime for which Mr. Keith stands to be executed. Mr. Keith has an alibi supported by four witnesses. No DNA or forensic evidence conclusively connects him to the crime.

As former Attorney General Jim Petro said: “To maintain public confidence in Ohio’s justice system we must do everything in our power to ensure that claims of innocence are thoroughly vetted in our courts. But when our courts do not do so, it is the role of the executive branch to correct that error.”

Please use your power to correct this error and prevent Ohio from making an irreversible, tragic mistake. Please grant clemency to Kevin Keith.

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