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Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to Hold Bottled Water Companies Accountable

Water bottling companies are making handsome profits from bottling and selling California's water, but these companies are not required to disclose how much water they are using.

California is facing water scarcity, and the state is implementing restrictions for residential water use in some areas. In order for California to be able to properly manage its water resources, we need to know how much water companies are extracting and the environmental impact of their water use.

We have a chance to do something about this situation, and you can help. Assembly members Felipe Fuentes and Mary Hayashi along with Senator Ellen Corbett have introduced a bill that will require water bottling companies to disclose how much water they're using. The bill just passed the legislature and has landed on the Governor's desk.

He vetoed similar legislation last session, don't let it happen again. Ask Governor Schwarzenegger to sign A.B. 301 and protect California's water.


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California is facing a water crisis, but water bottling companies are able to use as much water as they want without disclosing how much water they're using. I urge you to sign A.B. 301, a bill that would require water bottling companies in the state to disclose the volume of water they are using.

This common sense bill is a necessary step in order for California to be able to make smart decisions about managing our scarce water resources, especially considering the last several years of drought the state faced.

I urge you to make A.B. 301 law so California can enact the best water management policies to preserve and protect our most critical resource.

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