Tell Governor Kemp: Shut down Georgia TODAY, Save Lives

Tell Governor Kemp: Shut down Georgia TODAY, Save Lives

March 19, 2020
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Started by N Ouy

We call on the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to order an immediate shelter-in-place.

Todos nosotros le pedimos al Gobernador de Georgia, Brian kemp, que mande inmediatamente a todos a refugiarse en sus casas. (Traducción automática al español)

我们需要州长Kemp需要立马宣布关闭佐治亚州 (中文自动翻译)

Specifically, just as thirty-two states, D.C., and Puero Rico have ordered:

  • People must be ordered to stay home except for essential needs.
  • Everyone is required stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job.
  • Going outside for walks is allowed, but keep at least 6 feet distance.

Bars, nightclubs, dine-in restaurants, gyms, all must be closed statewide. We cannot hesitate.

Italy and Spain both have <5% the population of China, yet surpassed China in number of deaths on Mar. 19, as did Spain on March 25th. We must not wait until we have tens of thousands of cases and hundreds of lost lives.

Listen to doctors, stop worrying about government overreach, and start worrying about residents. Urging people to do things is not strong leadership. No employer in the US is going to feel urged to close down, and vulnerable populations are still going to work. Humans are social by nature and won't feel urged to not see friends. Governor Kemp, fulfill your public responsibility to help Georgians (and their employers) understand the importance and urgency of staying apart. Without a state-wide order, too many people will not change their behavior until it's too late. Our lives are in your hands.

The economic fallout will be huge, but waiting will only make it exponentially worse. Sick people cannot go to work or go out to eat food, we must stop the pandemic to recover our economy. Leading economists uniformly support lockdowns and agree we must act now. We need to learn from the thousands of deaths in China and Italy and Spain. We are not somehow different from them and above the force of nature.

Let Georgia be a leader, not a follower. Let us #shutdownGA and work together to overcome this pandemic.

Governor Kemp, thirty two other states have already ordered a shutdown.
Governor Kemp, please immediately give a statewide order to shelter-in-place.





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Fill out Governor Kemp's contact form. ( Leave a message at his number: 404-656-1776.

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p.s. If you know any healthcare workers, please consider sharing this handbook of best practices by frontline doctors from Zhejiang University:

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p.s. I initially posted this to /r/coronavirusGA, people are active there


== I started this petition on March 20th. As of March 31st, I changed the petition to that above, and the original can be found on our #shutdownGA website for transparency ==

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Signatures: 93,092Next Goal: 150,000
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