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Stand up Against Animal Abuse

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We’re twin sisters who are proud to be from New Jersey, and we care a lot about animals! We love that our state is full of people who help others and aren’t afraid to speak up when they see something wrong. Our governor, Chris Christie, has a chance to be on the side of kindness by supporting a bill that will prevent factory farms from confining mother pigs to tiny metal stalls. Please sign our petition to encourage Governor Christie to support S.998 and stand up against animal abuse.

S.998 is great because it will outlaw “gestation crates,” which are inhumane metal cages used by pork producers to confine mother pigs. These cages are so small the pigs can’t even turn around—for years. We can’t even imagine being grounded for a week!

Opposition to these cruel crates is coming from Republicans and Democrats because we can all agree animal cruelty is wrong! On farms which use gestation crates, each animal is crammed into a cage by herself, unable to do anything but take one step forward and one step back.

Scientists tell us that pigs are extremely smart animals but they go insane in these awful conditions. Nine other states have already banned gestation crates. New Jersey veterinarians, responsible farmers, animal advocates and concerned citizens all want our state to become the tenth.

McDonald’s, Subway, and Target are among many companies who have also decided this is a factory farming practice they will not support in the future. We have testified to the Assembly Agriculture Committee about our views and collected signatures in our community, but this petition is a way for us to reach even more people to gain support.

Thankfully our legislators listened and overwhelmingly passed this bill because of so much public support. Now we need you to join us in respectfully encouraging Governor Chris Christie to sign the bill into law.

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