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The California Department of Pesticide Regulation caved to lobbying pressure from chemical manufacturer Arysta and approved the cancer-causing neurotoxin methyl iodide to be used in California's strawberry fields, which produce more than 80 percent of the nation's strawberries. The health and safety of millions of Americans are at risk.

The scientific concensus of more than 50 top scientists, including five Nobel Laureates and the DPR's own Scientific Review Panel, have concluded that this chemical is far too dangerous to be used in agriculture, and that the protective measures proposed by the DPR are far from adequate to offer protection.

Governor-elect Jerry Brown has a good environmental track record. He can help right this injustice. Sign our petition asking him to enact a moratorium on the dangerous chemical as soon as he takes office, and to enact the recommendations of the Scientific Review Panel.

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Letter to
Chair/Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Bob Wieckowski
Chair/Committee on Health William Monning
Governor-elect of California Jerry Brown
and 2 others
Vice Chair/Committee on Health Dan Logue
Vice Chair/Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Jeff Miller
I am deeply concerned and dismayed by the recent decision by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to approve the chemical methyl iodide for use in agriculture, primarily strawberry production.

The DPR did so despite the warnings of dozens of top scientists, including five Nobel Laureates and the findings of its own Scientific Review Panel. Methyl iodide is a dangerous pesticide that is used to intentionally cause cancer in lab animals. It also causes late-term miscarriages, thyroid disease, and permanent neurological damage. The scientific consensus is clear: Methyl iodide is far too dangerous to be used in agriculture.

You can help. In light of this information, I emphatically request that you:

1. Put a moratorium on methyl iodide use on your first day of office.

2. Follow the recommendation of John Froines, Chair of the Scientific Review Committee, to reconvene the Committee and direct DPR to incorporate the Committee’s evaluation and analysis into its final decision.

Please take a stand against this dangerous chemical and protect the citizens of not just California, but the entire nation. No one deserves to be exposed to this chemical just because they happen to like strawberries or because they need a job.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this vitally important issue.

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