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Tell Gov. Hickenlooper: Time to clean up Colorado!

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Letter to
Colorado Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Governor Bill Hickenlooper.

Governor Hickenlooper, rescind the executive order on fracking, stop the COGA ad and work with your communities to clean up Colorado!

The Coalition for a Clean Colorado believes that a clean air and water, clean government and an economy powered by local, clean energy is essential for a livable future. To achieve this, we need elected officials who will fight to protect the health and welfare of our communities.

Governor Hickenlooper, your ad campaign on behalf of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, an industry that stands to reap billions from the accelerated extraction of dirty and life threatening fossil energy, is wholly inappropriate and an insult to the People of Colorado.

The claim that since 2008, "we have not had one instance of groundwater contamination associated with drilling and hydraulic fracturing" is incorrect. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commissions own database documents over 1,000 oil and gas spills that have impacted groundwater since 2008. These spills and the significant chemical emissions allowed through multiple industry exemptions, are directly impacting the health, welfare and safety of our communities.

County land use regulations, ordinances and charter amendments empowered by the Colorado Constitution and upheld by the courts, are the only means left for local communities to protect themselves from the abuses of an overly powerful industry that has corrupted our government and undermined prospects for a clean energy future.

Therefore, we the undersigned, demand that you immediately rescind the executive order on fracking, withdraw the COGA ad and get dirty energy out of the State house!



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