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Google has suspended the Fair Adblock extension - the only tool that lets you block unwanted ads while still supporting content creators. It was downloaded over 500,000 times, has over 3,000 5-star reviews, and is creating a better web experience for many happy people like yourself.

Google is hiding behind automated responses and we’re not able to get a proper explanation of what we’re doing wrong or how to fix this problem. They ignore our emails, our pleas for information, and refuse to reinstate the extension into the Chrome Web Store.

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Our mission is to represent users online and improve their web experience, even if it means getting in the crosshairs of web giants like Google. We built the Fair Adblock with this one purpose in mind: provide you with means to control your online experience by better controlling the currency of the web - advertising.

We think users deserve far more control over the online experience that they get - but that regular ad-blocking, the current tool of control, is missing the mark by just blacking out everything and hurting the websites producing free content.

To that end, we designed the Fair Adblock to protect your privacy and give you full control over what gets blocked, but also on what, how and how many fair ads you allow. Those ads are used to pay the websites (replacing lost ad revenue) and you benefit too - because you can use the ad dollars to sponsor a charity of your choice and make an impact just by browsing the web.

We’ve built the technology from scratch, creating the most efficient all-in-one ad blocker out there that protects you from unwanted ads, annoying pop-ups, intrusive malware, and protects your privacy by blocking third-party tracking.

The last few months have been amazing, with our extension downloaded over 500,000 times and reviews like these coming in:

  • “I love this extension. I don’t have to make a choice between annoying ads or not supporting content. I get to reward companies that put up non-obtrusive ads and contribute to charity. I highly recommend this extension.”
  • “This extension is the perfect balance between not having annoying ads and also still providing support to the website. You also get an added benefit of helping another organization”.
  • “The best AdBlocking app I have ever come across. I love the option to let a few things through to help support causes as well!”
  • “This app is good at blocking ads. More than that, it replaces annoying ads with a few ads supporting charities. Easy way to improve your internet experience and help the world”.

But then. suddenly, Google suspended our Fair Adblock extension and removed it from the store, alleging “policy violations”. We were baffled. Our extension went through the entire compliance process several times and was completely approved. More than that - we invested time & money in working with a dedicated compliance legal team to make sure we’re not missing anything, and made every effort to make all of the inner working of the extension as transparent as possible.

We emailed Google several times, but mostly got half-automated responses which just copy/pasted parts of the policy. Apparently, Google decided that blocking ads and allowing ads are two completely different functionalities and our inclusion of both in the same extension violates part of their Chrome Extensions Policy called “Single Purpose Policy”.

We disagreed and tried to make our point, but Google insisted and in order to comply and make it available in the chrome store we made over 10 iterations of changes in the extension and even split our product into two different extensions. However even this did not satisfy Google - and our updated extension - which is just a regular ad blocker without the fair ads component - was also rejected. We have complied with every requirement and have emailed Google many times - but to no avail.

We hope that with your support we can get their attention so that they can review the Fair Adblock and get it back in the store as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Roy, Gil, and Lahat - founders at STANDS


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