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Shark fin soup is served as a delicacy in many Chinese restaurants in the US, where the dish is seen as a status symbol. It's frequently also served at weddings and large gatherings in the Chinese community.

But the practice of finning sharks is nothing short of brutal. Sharks are caught at sea, their fins are sliced off and they are then thrown back into the ocean where they bleed to death or drown. Millions of sharks are killed annually.

The decline of sharks affects the entire ocean ecosystem. It's time we got shark fin soup off the menu at prominent New York restaurant Golden Unicorn.

photo: chee.hong via Flickr

Letter to
General Manager General Manager
I am writing as a consumer, asking you to take shark fin soup off your menu. Many restaurants are choosing to find alternatives to shark fin, due to the brutal nature of the way the fins are harvested. The overall decline of sharks will affect the entire ocean eco-system drastically.

Due to demand from restaurants, millions of sharks are caught annually. Their fins are slashed and they are then thrown back out to sea where they bleed to death or drown.

CA and Oregon are currently considering a ban on shark fin, and Hawaii and Washington already have laws in place. It’s time to get shark fin soup of the menu.

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