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Tell Glastonbury NO to Rape Culture - Pull Tyler the Creator

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Tyler the Creator advocates rape culture by normalising, and even glamorising, rape in his rap lyrics.  Glastonbury festival should not be giving him a platform.

Lyrics such as "you call this shit rape but I think that rape's fun" are dangerous in that they normalise rape.  With a 6% rape conviction rate, a culture where the victim is blamed time and time again, and where 85,000 women are raped each year; rape is an issue which MUST not be taken lightly.   

This is not a matter of freedom of speech. Tyler the Creator specifically raps about raping women, and incites hate crimes against women.

Glastonbury festival claims to have activist roots and the organisers should actively support feminism, not misogyny. Let's call on the organisers to say no to rape culture, and pull this act from the line up.

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