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Tell Ginni Thomas' Liberty Central: Endorse Criminal Justice Reform

A group founded by the spouse of a Supreme Court justice to advance individual liberty and limited government would be the perfect vehicle to end America's mass incarceration problem. Unfortunately, Virginia (Ginni) Thomas' Liberty Central completely overlooks criminal justice issues and the prison-industrial complex on their new website.

Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas and founder of Liberty Central, is a long-time conservative operative with ties to the extreme right

Despite the group's stated abhorrence for government depriving individuals of liberty, however, Liberty Central's site makes no mention of the millions incarcerated in our expensive and ineffective criminal justice system. The nine "hot issues" listed on the group's new site include Liberty Central's characterization of affordable health care reform as "dangerous," deep concerns about federal government spending, and the education of our children "to disdain free enterprise," whatever that means. What about government over-spending on a system that actually deprives individuals of liberty -- most of them for non-violent offenses?

Liberty Central's failure to even mention criminal justice issues -- an issue on which the right and left might agree there is wasteful government spending -- is revealing. The oversight suggests that Liberty Central's commitment to anti-government principles is more rhetoric than principled. Like the originalist theory of constitutional interpretation espoused by Justice Thomas and other far-right jurists, it appears that Liberty Central's devotion to limited government is a commitment conveniently set aside when it produces a progressive result, such as criminal justice reform.


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