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Tell FOX to drop UFC!

Dana White, the President of The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and other UFC fighters have publicly used anti-gay and anti-women language (See This kind of hateful rhetoric is not acceptable in America, where we are teaching our children to respect those who are different and where we are working to stop bullying in our schools and communities.

UFC is unfit for children. UFC is not suitable for prime time on network TV. 

We urge FOX and its affiliate networks to drop UFC from its programming schedule immediately. We urge FOX and its affiliate networks not to broadcast any UFC content until UFC publicly agrees to require its employees (including Dana White) and fighters to behave in a socially responsible manner, respect the LGBTQ community and women, and demonstrate a real commitment toward stopping the bullying epidemic in our society.

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  • Chairman and CEO, FOX Sports
    David Hill
  • Co-President, FOX Sports
    Eric Shanks
  • Chairman and CEO, News Corp.
    Rupert Murdoch
  • News Corp.
    Board of Directors

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