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Tell Four Loko: Put a Warning Label on Caffeine-Fueled Booze

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Update: Phusion Products, the makers of Four Loko, recently announced that they have decided to remove caffeine from Four Loko. The FDA also announced it will likely regulate the use of caffeine in all alcoholic beverages. Thanks for singing the petition and helping to get this toxic concoction off the shelves!

In October, nine college students were hospitalized at Central Washington University after drinking Four Loko, a highly caffeinated alcoholic beverage. The drink also sent students at Ramapo University in New Jersey to the emergency room, one with a blood alcohol percentage of 0.40.

Four Loko, and other caffeinated-alcoholic drinks like it, are increasingly popular at college campuses. But their risks haven’t been fully investigated. The Food and Drug Administration notes that "it is unaware of the basis upon which manufacturers may have concluded that the use of caffeine in alcoholic beverages is generally regarded as safe." They explicitly set limits on caffeine use in beverages and many of these alcoholic drinks exceed that limit.

The FDA is looking into the safety of these highly-caffeinated drinks and the Federal Trade Commission is investigating if their marketing tactics are designed to allure young people. But in the meantime, something more immediate can be done.

The makers of Four Loko, Phusion Products LLC, who deny that their product caused any harm, can 1. show that their product is safe by revealing internal testing 2. put a warning label on their beverages, alerting consumers the hazards of consumption of high levels of caffeine with alcohol, including underestimating level of intoxication, increased consumption of alcohol leading to potentially dangerous blood alcohol levels, heart problems associated with simultaneous consumption of a sedative and stimulant. 

Tell the company to alert consumers to the potentially toxic mix of high levels of alcohol and caffeine until it's truly proven safe. 

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