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Tell Florida Legislators to Protect Sports and Music Fans


Whether you’re a Tampa Bay Bucs fan or love seeing your favorite artists perform at the American Airlines Arena, one thing is certain: Florida fans are increasingly frustrated by the ticketing industry that never seems to work in our favor. Now we have an opportunity to do something about it.

Florida legislators are considering legislation that will stop Ticketmaster and its partners from having even more control over the ticket market. Here’s how: 

Guarantees Ticket Ownership – Thanks to “restricted tickets,” the legendary Ticketmaster monopoly is growing faster than ever. Under Ticketmaster’s restricted ticket rules, fans don’t own the tickets we buy – Ticketmaster does. And they determine what we can do with them. These tickets typically can’t be sold or even given away to friends or family. If you are allowed to transfer your tickets, it’s on Ticketmaster’s terms and we may have to pay an extra fee for the “privilege.” 

This legislation is simple. It ensures we own the tickets we buy. Ticketmaster can’t restrict fans from giving away or selling our tickets.

For too long, the ticket industry has worked against the very people it is supposed to serve: the fans. This proposed legislation would protect fans’ rights and preserve a fair ticket industry in Florida. Write to members of the Florida House and Senate to ask them to stand with fans, not with the ticket industry.

Letter to
Senator Wilton Simpson
State Representative W. Cummings
State Senator Garrett Richter
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State Representative Karen Dentel
State Representative Ben Albritton
State Representative Mike La Rosa
State Senator Nancy Detert
State Senator Dorothy Hukill
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State Representative Cynthia Stafford
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Senator Kelli Stargel
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State Senator Aaron Bean
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State Senator Joseph Abruzzo
State Representative Debbie Mayfield
State Representative Darryl Rouson
State Representative Kenneth Roberson
State Representative Carlos Trujillo
State Representative Dwight Dudley
I’m writing you today to ask you to support HB 163 and SB 394, legislation that will protect the rights of Florida sports and music fans. We are tired of being exploited by the powerful ticket industry. This legislation will ban anti-consumer restricted tickets, ensure fans own the tickets we buy and protect consumer choice across the live event industry. As a fan, and a voter, I’m calling on you to support HB 163 and SB 394 and stand up for fans

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