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Tell Fairfax County Schools: Allow 12-Year-Old's Service Dog At School

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Andrew Stevens, 12, has a rare form of epilepsy which cannot be helped by medication. He faces a constant risk of seizures that happen without warning.

Andrew's family spent two years and $20,000 to bring him Alaya, a service dog that is trained to alert Andrew before he has a seizure. These special service dogs can sense when a person is about to have a seizure. Alaya can alert Andrew, through activating a metallic device implanted in his chest, that he is going to have a seizure, which allows Andrew time to make himself safe and reduces the ill effects of the attack.

However, Andrew's school will not allow Alaya to go to school with him, FOX news of DC is reporting. Saying that the requirements for a service dog have not been met, Fort Belvoir Elementary School, in northern Virginia, is not allowing Alaya to attend school with Andrew. 

Andrew's family has spent years, and thousands of dollars, on keeping Andrew safe. Now Alaya, a trained service dog, is being shut out of attending school with Andrew. We can help by adding our voices to the Stevens family's campaign. Tell Fairfax County Schools - and specifically Fort Belvoir Elementary - to let Alaya protect Andrew while he's at school.

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