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Tell Europe to show leadership on climate change

The European Union (EU) is about to decide its response to global warming - the decision will affect all of us. Take action now and urge the EU to show leadership in addressing climate change Europe has long stated its aim to limit global warming to 2°C above the pre-industrial average. If we allow temperatures to exceed this threshold, we face the prospect of run-away and catastrophic climate change.   The EU is now debating laws which aim to cut emissions across Europe.  The problem is that the proposed cuts are nowhere near sufficient to account for Europe's responsibility in addressing climate change. If other developed countries followed this lead, we would not make the cuts we need globally. The decisions the EU is making will set the level of ambition for future international negotiations, where world leaders will come together to agree a long-term solution to climate change.  No matter where we live, we all need Europe to show leadership. Let European leaders know that it's time for them to lead Thank you, WWF International

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