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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a tool that protects monopolists and targets sites relied on by small-time businesses, like indie game developers and artists, condoning disproportionate action against these sites for any evidence of copyright infringement from any of their users. If EA wants to protect their monopoly so badly, we need to let them know that they will lose far more business by supporting this bill than by allowing indie developers to operate unimpeded. It is obvious that this bill's primary use is to paint a big red bullseye on the main distributors of indie content, protecting the market shares of big-time businesses like Electronic Arts.

EA is a member of the Entertainment Software Association which supports SOPA. It's time for EA to stand up and publicly oppose SOPA. Don't mess with the internet, EA. You will regret it.

Letter to
VP, Worldwide PR, Electronic Arts Tammy Levine
VP, Business and Legal Affairs, Electronic Arts Joel Linzner
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SVP, Corporate Communicatons, Electronic Arts Jeff Brown
As an EA consumer, I support your decision not to support the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), but I am not happy yet.

The Stop Online Piracy Act is a violation of basic freedoms, and it works against the interests of the majority of your consumer base. Not supporting SOPA is a first step, but now you must take the next step.

It is no secret that Electronic Arts is part of the Entertainment Software Association, which continues to align itself with this intrusive piece of legislation. Until EA either distances itself from the ESA and its choice to support the bill OR publicly expresses its opposition to the bill, its position will be treated as ambivalent. Such a position is unacceptable to me, considering the outrageous stance a bill like SOPA takes towards free speech on the internet.

I hope you continue to make the right choices, and that the step you have taken is the first towards your fully renouncing the Stop Online Piracy Act.


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