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Beautiful Dolphins are suffering lives in captivity in chlorinated swimming pools, forced to kiss customers for hours and to obey orders in order to perform tricks for entertainment. This is not a life for a wild animal. Innocent creatures should not have to live this way for our entertainment. In 2015 a dolphin died due to the pools not being cleaned. Leaves and metallic was found in the poor dolphin's stomach. His name was Ji-Ling. Even if such a tragedy didn't happen, these animals should be set free to the beautiful abundant sea. And it isn't just dolphins that this park keeps captive. They have five dolphins and eleven sea lions kept in tiny chlorinated pools, which make their natural movements impossible. The venue also keeps little penguins and sea turtles in environments that bear little resemblance to their wild homes. In the wild, dolphins swim up to 100km in a day and deep dive hundreds of metres, while sea lions can make journeys of hundreds or thousands of kilometres through the ocean each year as they migrate with the seasons. So let's start at Coffs Harbour Dolphin Marine Magic and work our way up!

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