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Delta Air Lines' slogan is "Safety First," but it might as well be "Money First."

Delta is pushing a shameful union-busting campaign in Congress, holding up billions in funding for crucial Federal Aviation Administration projects by insisting on new, unfair rules for airline workers who want to organize a union.

The result? More than 4,000 FAA safety inspectors and other agency employees going without paychecks, $2.5 billion worth of airport projects stalled, nearly 70,000 private contract workers laid off, and a cost of $400 million for American taxpayers.

Congress temporarily restored FAA funding, but another shutdown is looming at the end of the year because Delta continues to push its unfair union election rules.

Since 2007, Congress passed a clean extension of the FAA Reauthorization bill 20 times. But now Delta is holding this up insisting on an undemocratic rule that would count workers who don't take part in a union election as voting No -- an absurd demand that would undermine the entire system of majority-rule voting.

No election in the United States -- from Presidential elections to American Idol -- uses this voting system.

Delta's purpose is clear: to make it harder for its workers to organize and collectively bargain for better pay and benefits, working conditions, and job security. The airline is so intent on denying its workers' rights that it's holding hostage billions in funding for crucial FAA infrastructure projects to improve our nation's airline system.

Sign the petition to send Delta a clear message that union-busting just won't fly.

Letter to
CEO, Delta Air Lines Richard Anderson
The recent shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration due to haggling over union-election rules is unacceptable.

Every day that FAA funding is held up costs American taxpayers millions of dollars, leaves thousands of workers without a paycheck, and delays crucial airport construction projects.

We strongly oppose the proposed rule changes that would count workers not participating in a union election as "No" votes. This is entirely undemocratic and a major departure from the principles on which our nation was built.

Delta Air Lines should immediately cease its support for this rule change, and Congress should pass a clean FAA Reauthorization Bill.

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