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Delta Airlines is the worlds largest airline and makes around $28 billion a year in revenue. But when its workers want to organize a union, the airline pulls out all the stops. Recently 20,000 flight attendants attempted to join a union, but Delta used all the dirty tricks they could to prevent them.

While the flight attendants lost the election by just a few hundred votes, the union is calling for, and is likely to get, a revote because of widespread interference by the company. There are more votes coming up in Delta. Let them know that workers have the right to organize a union without company interference.

Send this letter Delta CEO Richard Anderson telling him to respect his workers' right to organize and not to interfere with union elections.

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Letter to
Chief executive officer, Delta Airlines Richard Anderson
Flight attendants at your company recently voted in a union election. They reported widespread intimidation, interference with elections, and even possible company tracking of votes through company computers. They and the union are calling for a revote due to your companies interference.

I am writing to urge your company to respect your workers' right to freely organize to collectively bargain with your company, in a possible revote and in other upcoming union elections. Your Workers deserve a voice on the job and have the right not to be intimidated, threatened, scrutinized, or singled out because they want one.

Flight attendants are the face of your company, and the rest of your employees are the nuts and bolts that allow your company to run and make your profits. They deserve respect, and they deserve to be listened to.

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