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Stop selling eggs from factory farms

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*ATTN* This petition was initially launched to see Costco abide by Prop 2 in California and serve only cage free eggs. There is now an effort taking place to see Costco address the issue of battery cage eggs in their supply chain nationally. Please join this cause – the petition for a company wide cage free policy is in an update below. It's time for Costco's support of these cruel farms to end!



The egg industry forces birds on factory farms to spend their entire lives cramped in cruel, filthy, and unsustainable battery cages. There are better ways to raise birds, and that's why California passed two groundbreaking animal protection laws, Prop 2 and AB1437, that together require all shell eggs sold in the state to be produced by farm animals that have adequate space for natural behaviors by January 2015. The problem is Costco refuses to work with The Humane League to assure they will follow this law that gave retailers years to phase in. Please sign our petition asking Costco to stop selling factory farmed eggs.

Unfortunately, a few retailers are ignoring the intention of these animal cruelty laws by planning to sell eggs from hens trapped in modified cages. They have had six years to make adjustments to follow the law, but they feel there is a loophole that allows birds to remain confined in warehouses of tiny, filthy cages stacked upon each other. We can show Costco that consumers demand trustworthy, ethical business practices from this retail giant.

Costco, the large chain of warehouse stores, is now presented with the opportunity to stand with the voters of California and pledge to be 100% cage-free in the state or turn its back on the efforts of voters who do not want to contribute to inhumane animal agriculture practices.

Please, sign our petition and ask Costco to take a stand against animal cruelty in California and make plans to extend this policy nationally. It's time for Costco to do the right thing and end its support of farms that still use cage systems.

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