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Tell Congressman King, No Hearings for Muslim Americans!


Recently, Chairman King characterized hearings on violent extremism as focusing exclusively on the 'radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism.' It is inappropriate and unfair to single out a group of Americans, in this case Muslim Americans, for government scrutiny based on their faith. Such hearings orchestrated by Chairman King will inevitably examine activities protected as religious freedom, an affront to fundamental freedoms upon which our country was founded.

The Muslim Consultative Network and Religious Freedom USA ask for Urgent Action! Please urge him to address all forms of violence motivated by extremist beliefs and to do so in a full, fair, and objective way by signing this petition today!


Letter to
Representative Steve Israel
Dear Congressman King,

As an American, I find it highly disturbing that you have chosen to hold hearings on "the radicalization of Muslim Americans." While terrorism and violence in all forms are threats to American national security, singling out any one community for inquiry is not only a failed approach to policy, but it is un-American. As a person of faith, I find these hearings to be troubling for the implications they have on religious freedom in American, I ask that you cancel plans for these hearings.

Rather than holding hearings on Muslim Americans as a communal threat, I encourage you to hear Muslim-Americans share their patriotism for this country, including the 3,500 Muslim Americans in the armed forces, the many congregations across the nation, as well as elected officials whose patriotism does not conflict with their faith. Please do the right thing and cancel these hearings.


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