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Ni hao.  Wishing you the Happiest of New Years, all the way through....  Cool, thanx for sharing, caring, all you do, and don't.  Do you agree with the duopoly on areas of priority, now?  Tell Congress, media Editors, Obama, etc., what "we,...", think!
A sample letter  :)
A national, universal, green jobs movement would certainly be a good start, and help many areas of our society, now and in the future; yet, that will not be enough to realize the possibility of the stopping of the extermination of humanity and large mammals, happening now, nor, the extinction of the same. we can see racing towards us from the future, on the horizon; we must change everything   :)

Concerning the following areas of priority the duopoly seems determined to dictate as the upcoming agenda for the next Administration and session of Congress, here are my views; abridged.  Provide a Path to Citizenship for All Immigrants (Legal or Illegal) in the Country at This Time: Without extraordinary waiting periods, and definitely none of them in their "countries of origin" (for, that would just be a way to politically pick and choose which are republicans and deserve 'citizenship', allow the gov'ts of origin to destroy or murder those who fled for their lives, etc.), also, no extraordinarily large 'buy-ins' (possibly, a sliding scale one), this isn't a pyramid scam or a whorehouse; it's supposed to be a democratic country.  Definitively ignoring the republican extremists calling for, "Deport All Illegal Immigrants"; although, allowing for the concerns of those that say, "Secure the Borders First, Then Address Citizenship", while not going along with them- amnesty first, securing the borders a close second.  Republicans Priority: Capital Gains Taxes - What Should Congress Do?  We should, "Increase Capitol Gains Taxes", yet, if the democrats want to have a good chance in 2010 and 2012, they better not increase anyone's taxes; just let the tax cut giveaway to the rich expire when it does.  So, leave Capitol Gains Taxes, alone.Democrats Priority: Children's Health Insurance - What Should Congress Do?  Draft a New Bill Giving All Children Full Coverage: The core of the corporate structure's convolutions enforcer, the republican conspiracies, technique of increasing the slow motion blitzkrieg against all life’s speed (for the last 4 decades), has been their genocide against youth, programs, such as the infantcide: 'sucking' infants to death in the crib and having criminal doctors call it 'natural crib death', etc.; pedocide: raping, kids, destroying infants and kids testicles, sexually assaulting, abusing, over stimulating kids with the military, Roman Catholic empire, the psychic terrorism, the 'suck', etc.; etc..  For, a destroyed kid, regardless of how much, will devolve into the 'survival mode' of lowest common denominator, materialistic, autonomic existence, centralizing what delusional profits and pleasures they can to themselves, and, therefore,  not be able to practice their civic responsibility (because of 'la machine', the technocracies, taking over the sociological lifestyle of most usa citizens, and defining it in Cartesian based terms, as opposed to life's, etc., due to the profane bastardization of it, through its uber reliance on materialism and greed, lack of time, $, concentration of their solutions with reality, etc.), let alone their duty, thinking they're abdicating their responsibility to their supposed political leaders, when they can't, and abdicating their political power to them, when they shouldn't, because of their arrested psychological and sociological development, thereby, being more fascist, if not nazi, and increasingly so as time goes on (more republican, etc.)- according to the republicans.  So, if we want to slow their devolutionary direction and, potentially, stop their blitzkrieg, we must overtly protect, and uplift kids, their health, welfare, education, etc.- first, as they will be the future of humanity, if the republican conspiracy doesn't succeed in dictating its and large mammals extinction, first. Republicans Priority: Child Tax Credits - What Should Congress Do?  Leave the Child Tax Credit Where It Is.  We don't want to promote population growth right now; we've enough problems.  Democrats Priority: Stem Cell Research - What Should Congress do?  Leave it alone, its not a priority.  Republicans Priority: Offshore and Domestic Oil Drilling - What Should Congress Do?  Do Not Allow Oil Drilling Offshore Or Any Domestic Area Not Already Permitted: The only way to send the necessitated strong message to the market that the age of destroying the earth for profit and pleasure, and, thereby, dictating the extinction of humanity and large mammals, must be over, is to stop going in their devolutionary direction, at minimum; you can't destroy the earth to save the economy- we need radical advances in alternative fuels, especially solar, "the beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye", as Happy Rhodes sings.  The way to get them is to determine whatever green jobs market increases that can be made, immediately, with those future advances in mind, and stop the spigot; allowing the market to adjust to reality immediately and solely- sending that same strong message to the populace, so, they'll be on board with the adjusting the market period that must take place.  Necessity might be the mother of invention, yet, its father is the evolution.  Thanx.

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What do you think?  "Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci.  Enjoy a festive eve' as you can.  Copy, share, as you will.  Lest "we" forget, if you don't exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like a muscle, as well.  Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised.  Viva la evolution, viva Green Party!  Music is life's song accompanying the abundance of joy's Spring. I look forward to hearing from you. Goodbye. For those interested :) "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)". 

Matutinally Yours, 

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