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You should have the right to decide if your private information – your shoe size, your book choices, your health concerns, your research on retirement options – is collected, analyzed and profiled by online tracking companies and tools.

Right now, you don't get to make that decision, but the proposed Do Not Track program would provide a simple way to say ‘no thanks’ to being monitored while you surf the web.

In recent weeks, companies like Microsoft and Mozilla have endorsed the concept. Mozilla has announced that it will roll out a "do not track" tool in its next release and Microsoft included tracking protection in its release of Internet Explorer 9.

While companies volunteering to offer these programs is a great step, we need legislation to guarantee our privacy choices will be respected. Last year's discovery of "zombie cookies" that get reinstalled on a consumer's machine after he or she has purposely deleted them demonstrates that we need standards for privacy and we need enforcement.

Take a moment right now to support strong online privacy legislation that includes Do Not Track and lets you gain control over your private information.

Tell Congress we need federal legislation that creates a Do Not Track System so we can continue to surf the internet and make online purchases with confidence. 

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I worry that my searches, purchases, emails and other online activity are being tracked, and that information about me is held by companies I don't know anything about. I want the right to stop the tracking and regain some privacy for my internet use.

I feel like someone is watching me all the time when I'm online. "Cookies" can be placed on my computer that tell marketers what I like or might like so they can advertise to me. And last year it was revealed that "zombie cookies" can even come back once I've carefully deleted them. Then, information about my online choices gets stored somewhere and I don't know how it is used, or if it is secure.

I want a "Do not track" system that's like our national "Do not call" system. If we can get rid of annoying marketing calls at dinner, we should be able to block annoying cookies and other tracking software when we are online.

Further, I want to know what information is maintained about me, where it is maintained, and how it is secured. Sensitive information, like health or financial information, should be subject to strong privacy protections and should not be maintained by companies with which I have no relationship.

Pass strong internet privacy controls so I can surf and make online purchases with confidence.

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