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Otherwise known as the Mexico City Policy, under the Global Gag Rule international non-profit organizations that accept American financial aid cannot offer abortion services, even if they are using their own money.

Fortunately, President Barack Obama repealed the Global Gag Rule his first month in office. However, so did President Bill Clinton: then President George W. Bush reinstated it.

To stop this back-and-forth require an act of Congress. The Global Democracy Promotion Act states that countries receiving U.S. aid should not be barred from providing whatever health and medical services it deems fit.

Tell Congress to protect the health and well-being of countless women worldwide by passing ending the Global Gag Rule for good.

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Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
For the past 25 years, the rights and welfare of women in the developing world have been dependent on who is sitting in the White House and with your leadership that can change.

The Global Democracy Promotion Act (HR 4879/ S 311), introduced by Rep. Lowey (D-NY) in the House and Sen. Boxer (D-CA) in the Senate would end this cruel uncertainty by barring a future administration from unilaterally imposing the Global Gag Rule.

The Gag Rule is a matter of life and death for women and young people around the world. Without access to family planning information and services lives are unnecessarily put at risk. Millions experience unintended pregnancies, and tens of thousands die from complications from pregnancies every year, including by unsafe abortions.

I care deeply about ensuring that women have access to the tools and information they need to protect their and health and exercise their rights. I urge you to cosponsor and support efforts to move the Global Democracy Promotion Act. Doing so will help ensure that women worldwide have access to the full range of family planning information and services.