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Congress is considering a bill to address the Gulf oil spill and prevent the next offshore oil disaster. This is an incredibly important opportunity to demand stronger protections for our communities and environment. This bill is key to protecting endangered species and their habitat, including brown pelicans, sea turtles and whales from dirty and deadly oil drilling.

Please join us in calling on Congress to pass a strong oil spill response bill that protects our communities and wildlife habitat.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to address the Gulf oil spill and prevent future offshore oil disasters.

Please ensure that the oil spill response bill improves oversight of oil and gas drilling, protects key wildlife habitat, restores coastal wetlands, fully funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund and includes citizen advisory councils to get input from people in affected communities. Please oppose any effort to weaken this important legislation. In addition, please support the Department of the Interior's moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

Thank you very much for working to protect our communities and environment.