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Tell Congress to Permanently Disband the Dangerous, Undemocratic "Super Congress" NOW

 We must respect the integrity of the Constitution in order to preserve Americans' unalienable rights. The "Super Congress" perverts our American ideals.  This "Super Congress" consists of 12 members, six from each chamber and six from each body.  It has the power to propose legislation which could not be amended by the general members of Congress, who would be only be able to cast an “up or down” vote on the measures.  In addition, members are appointed for the life of the committee, all issues are subject to its jurisdiction, and the Obama administration acts as the de facto "13th member." 

The “Super Congress” is an outrage.  It is not Constitutional, lacks accountability and possess extraordinary power to strip citizens of our liberty.   Please permanently disband the "Super  Congress" and preserve the government our Founders envisioned.



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