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Tell Congress to make a mandatory National Animal Abuser Registry

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Although there may be some local, regional and state movement to put greater awareness in place regarding animal abusers, the many smaller databases are hard to find and omit important information about offenders that would surely alert the public as to who they are living near and what type of animal abuse crime they have been convicted of. We simply ask that if an offender is found to be guilty by a jury of peers, they be placed on ONE overall NATIONAL DATABASE that is easily reached via a website address and covers all states with recorded data in ONE SEARCHABLE DATABASE ... THIS PETITIONER will build the site at his own expense and will solicit volunteers to oversee and keep current the public data if need be. We wish to save the government the time and expense that would delay the process. We are reaching out to all animal lovers who are sick and tired of finding out after it is too late, that they are in the proximity of criminals that have been convicted of heinous acts of cruelty towards animals!
ONE DATABASE for animals abusers is what we seek to accomplish. We hope that a concentrated effort on the part of animal champions everywhere to raise awareness in this matter will push our representatives in the gov't to do something once and for all. PLEASE Sign this petition. A VIRAL appeal to our elected officials can not be denied.
Sincerely Tony Richards
Petition Creator and Founder President of Animals Anonymous Relief Fund 501 (c) (3) and Creator of AARF Registry of Known Animal Abusers (AKA)

National Animal Abusers Registry

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