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Tell Congress to Help Prevent Violence on Campus, Pass an Inclusive Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization!

Congress needs to act now!

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have passed different versions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), each of which includes different, but important provisions to combat safety threats on college campuses. Unfortunately the historically bi-partisan VAWA legislation has fallen victim to Congressional gridlock, leaving campus communities less protected from sexual violence and emergency threats. The longer they delay, more lives on campus are put at risk.

Please urge your Senators and Representative to promptly convene a conference committee to resolve differences between Senate passed (S. 1925) and House passed (H.R. 4970) versions of VAWA, and to include each version’s campus safety provisions.

How will VAWA better protect campuses?

The Senate passed version of the VAWA reauthorization bill would, incorporating provisions from the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE Act), update 20 year old provisions in the Jeanne Clery Act addressing sexual assault to expand them to include dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. The House passed version would, incorporating provisions from the Center to Advance, Monitor, and Preserve University Security Safety Act of 2011 (CAMPUS Safety Act), establish a National Center for Campus Public Safety within the U.S. Department of Justice to help colleges and universities, among other things, develop improved threat assessment procedures. We need for Congress to include both provisions in the final VAWA bill.

What can I do to help?

Please sign our petition today to show Congress you stand with the victims and survivors of campus violence to demand safer campuses!

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