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Tell Congress: Support fuel efficiency, not gas guzzlers

History shows gas prices will only continue to spiral – gobbling up our household and public budgets. And vehicle exhaust continues to be one of our nation’s major air pollutants.

That’s why developing more fuel-efficient vehicles is vital to getting our economy and our environment back on track. Right now, officials want to gradually increase fuel economy standards to 54.5 mpg over the next 13 years – a target some innovative cars on the market already meet.

Yet a contingent in Congress wants to derail these common-sense efforts, blocking higher fuel economy standards for vehicles built after 2016. That would effectively put strides in innovation in reverse!

Eight out of 10 consumers in our survey want these money-saving mileage standards. Tell your members of Congress to get on board with the rest of America, and support higher fuel efficiency for our vehicles.

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