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Tell Congress: Protect The Air We Breathe

Your right to breathe clean and healthy air is under attack.

Big corporate polluters are pressuring Congress to weaken the Clean Air Act – a law that prevents tens of thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes and premature deaths caused by air pollution each year.

The House of Representatives responded by passing a series of bills designed to block the cleanup of mercury and other toxics from power plants and industrial facilities, to block safeguards that protect people from out-of-state pollution, and to put economists in charge of updating pollution standards instead of health scientists. 

American’s can’t take a break from breathing and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shouldn’t take a break from protecting our air.

Take action today. Tell Congress to protect the air we breathe by opposing any effort to weaken clean air protections or to impede the EPA's ability to update air pollution standards.

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