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Tell Congress: Make this lead smelting company clean up its mess in La Oroya, Peru


Since Doe Run Peru took over the lead smelter in the city of La Oroya, public health has suffered. Doe Run, one of the largest lead producers in the world, has failed to adequately clean up the smelter – and as a result, townspeople and children suffer from health issues that are clearly connected to lead poisoning.

Doe Run Peru has failed to comply with its environmental obligations, even when it became clear that local families were suffering. And now, they’re threatening to sue the Peruvian government under the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement for not cleaning up the problems the company itself helped create..

Incredibly, Doe Run has even sought the support of the U.S. Congress in its case against the government of Peru.

Tell Congress: stand with the people of Peru – not Doe Run – and hold the company accountable for cleaning up La Oroya and protecting public health.

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