Tell Congress It’s Time to Automatically Register Every American to Vote

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This year is one of the most important elections in recent history. More than 100 million Americans will cast a ballot in November. Yet many voters continue to face obstacles to the ballot box.

In 2016, 14 states have restrictive voting rules in place for the first time in a presidential election. This is part of the biggest voting rights rollback since the Jim Crow era.

These measures range from harsh voter ID laws to early voting cutbacks to restrictions on registration — which disproportionately impact seniors, people of color, young people, and low-income individuals.

We should protect the right to vote for all eligible Americans — and bring our voting system into the 21st century. President Obama called for reform in his State of the Union address this year, saying “we need to make voting easier, not harder, and modernize it for the way we live now.”

By expanding voter access and making it more convenient, America can ensure that every eligible citizen can go to the polls this November and cast a ballot that counts.

Congress has the power to make this happen now. By automatically and securely registering every eligible voter, the United States could add up to 50 million new voters nationwide, increase the accuracy of our rolls, cut costs, and curb the potential for fraud.

All would be given the chance to “opt out,” or decline registration — nobody would be registered against their will.

Oregon and California passed this groundbreaking policy last year. Since Oregon began implementing the new system earlier this year, registration rates are skyrocketing.

Please sign our petition urging Congress to modernize voting for all Americans.