There is nothing more fundamental to human health than breathing clean air.

But now, after four decades of bipartisan action to ensure we have safe and health air, the Clean Air Act is under attack.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) has introduced a bill that would permanently block the EPA and every other federal agency from using the Clean Air Act -- or any other environmental law -- to do anything about reducing America's climate pollution.

This is part of a broad, coordinated pro-polluter legislative assault to weaken America's clean air standards and block climate action.

You can help stop this assault on clean air before it starts.

Join the Environmental Defense Action Fund's campaign to Clear the Air and demand Congress reject the "Do Absolutely Nothing on Climate" Barrasso bill -- and all other similar legislative assaults.

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It's time to Clear the Air.

At a time when our global competitors are playing to win in the race for our clean energy future, we should be working together to unleash the 21st century technologies that will grow our economy, cut pollution, and end our over-addiction to oil and other fossil fuels.

Instead, some in Congress seem more interested in unleashing our 19th century pro-polluter past.

The latest proposal by Wyoming Senator John Barrasso is a case in point. It would permanently block the EPA AND every other federal agency from using the Clean Air Act AND any other environmental law to do anything about reducing America's clean air and climate pollution.

And just for good measure, it would also preempt state climate actions.

Another proposal by West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller would halt EPA actions to reduce carbon pollution for at least two years. And a draft bill by Rep. Upton and Sen. Inhofe would redefine the Clean Air Act and offer a direct, political challenge the basic science of climate change.

These proposals are part of a coordinated pro-polluter assault on America's clean air standards that would reverse important progress we've made to cut pollution and promote innovation.

The 21st century will be a clean energy century. If Congress refuses to fulfill its responsibility to pass a strong climate and energy bill, it should at least get out of the way of progress.

I strongly urge you to oppose the Barrasso "Do ABSOLUTELY Nothing on Climate" bill, the Rockefeller "Do Nothing for Two Years" bill, the Upton-Inhofe "Deny Climate Science" bill, and all bills like them.

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