Conagra — It’s time to do better for chickens

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Consumers across the globe are demanding more transparency about where their food comes from — especially with regard to animal welfare. In response, companies are committing to doing better. From General Mills to Kraft-Heinz, corporations are adopting higher welfare standards that eliminate some of the worst forms of abuse commonly used in standard factory farming practices.

However, there is one major company that lags behind its competitors by refusing to adopt a comprehensive animal welfare policy: Conagra.

Conagra is one of America's top manufacturers, with many commonly used household brands, such as Healthy Choice, Slim Jim, Marie Callender's, and Duncan Hines. You might think the company behind Birds Eye vegetables —and even Gardein— would take animal welfare seriously, but they're refusing to keep up with industry standards.

Chickens raised for meat in Conagra’s supply chain are crammed into filthy, windowless barns — often only with space the size of a piece of paper in which to move. These social, intelligent animals are even forced to live in their own excrement, with ammonia levels so concentrated that many suffer from chemical burns.

Sadly, the torture doesn’t end there.

When these birds — who, like humans, experience pain and emotions — are brought to slaughter, they are violently shackled upside down. Their throats are then slit, often while they’re still conscious. The level of terror and suffering is unfathomable.

If all of these other companies can take action to end this extreme cruelty, why can’t Conagra?

Please join The Humane League in asking Conagra to stop using chickens who are forced to live in agony for their entire lives by signing and sharing this petition.

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