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At a recent Coca-Cola shareholder meeting, one-quarter of the company's shareholders approved a resolution that would remove the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) from can linings. BPA has been linked to a host of health problems, everything from heart disease to reproductive disorders to cancers. The chemical is registered as "toxic" in Canada, and it's banned in baby bottles in several countries. Never the less, BPA remains in much of our food supply.

Despite the fact that mant shareholders want BPA-free can liners, Coke executives say the company's soda packaging is safe, and they refuse to look for safer alternatives to BPA.

Coke, it's time to pay attention to science, consumer health, and 25 percent of your own shareholders. It's time to find an alternative to BPA.

photo: vwb5 via Flickr

Letter to
SVP of Public Affairs and Communications, The Coca-Cola Company Sonya Soutus
Ethics Office, Coca Cola Enterprises Ethics Office
As a consumer, I was concerned when I learned that Coke seemed to be ignoring the wishes of its shareholders when it refused to consider a safe alternative to the chemical BPA in its can linings. Many companies are observing consumer desires and offering BPA-free cans for some products, and they're looking into ways to phase out the chemical entirely.

BPA has been linked to a very lengthy list of heath problems. Heart disease and obesity, cancers and reproductive issues...why would you want to risk consumers' health by exposing them to BPA? How can Coke state that it has no concerns with the safety of its products when so many studies have shown the dangers of BPA?

BPA is registered as a "toxic" chemical in Canada, and the chemical has been banned in baby bottles in numerous countries and some U.S. states. I want Coca-Cola to explore a safe alternative to BPA. Please put a plan in place to explore alternatives to BPA and phase the chemical out of your soda packaging.

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