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Tell Coca Cola to Stop Supporting Dictatorship in Swaziland

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Coca-Cola has been accused of supporting the regime of Swaziland dictator King Mswati III - Africa's last absolute monarch. Mswati is estimated to be worth US$100 million, yet Swaziland is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Coca-Cola contributes up to 40% of Swaziland's gross domestic product, but at the end of the day Coca Cola’s profits don’t benefit the economy in any way. Instead of helping the average Swazi, the king, the royal family and ruling elite gets richer and continues to lead a lavish lifestyle, while the majority of the Swazi people live in poverty.

Mswati has repeatedly refused to consider reform. He currently rules his subjects through a cabinet, who he appoints himself, mainly comprising of princes, princesses and other members of his royal family. Political opposition parties in the country are banned and pro-democracy activists are routinely arrested or assaulted as they protest against his autocratic rule.

Coca Cola moved its headquarters in Africa to Swaziland in 1987, only after it succumbed to pressure from activists calling for the company to leave apartheid South Africa. If Coca Cola continues to choose to do business with autocratic leaders in Africa, then maybe Coca Cola shouldn’t do business in Africa. Period. It’s time for Coca Cola to once again leave Swaziland.

Why I’m I concerned?

I recently visited Swaziland and witnessed the gross inequalities between Swaziland’s ruling elite and the common people. I was particularly taken aback by the plight of the sugarcane workers who contribute to the production of the extract that Coca Cola uses to make its billion dollar product, yet the workers continue to live in abject poverty, while the King gets rich.

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