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Tell CNN: Keep Anti-Gay, Racist, Sexist Commentators Off the Air

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CNN has decided to hire Erick Erickson as a political contributor to their upcoming new show, "John King USA".  Erickson, an editor at, is meant to talk about political issues from a Republican point of view. While CNN should certainly be welcoming diverse political voices on their network, Erickson's history of inflammatory comments are dangerous and inappropriate for a news network.

In the past, Erickson has called women's rights activists Nazis, called Michelle Obama a "Marxist harpy wife," said that President Obama only won his Nobel Peace Prize because of "affirmative action," and called the U.S. Department of Education's Safe Schools Czar "profoundly sick and immoral" beacause of his sexual orientation.

It doesn't stop there. Erickson has called former Supreme Court Justice David Souter a "goat f*cking child molester," and has compared Democratic U.S. Senators to terrorist suicide bombers.

Again, CNN should welcome political voices from all sides of the aisle. But those voices should be rooted in healthy discourse, and not the inflammatory rhetoric that Erick Erickson has made a staple of his career.

Demand CNN pull their offer to Erick Erickson. He's certainly entitled to his own political beliefs, and he's entitled to use the type of rhetoric that's made him famous. But CNN shouldn't be in the business of rewarding this. Tell the network that if they decide to keep Erickson on as a commentator for John King USA, you'll turn the channel.

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