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Tell City Council: Dredge First for Water Supply


We believe that new and accurate water demand and dredging estimates will show that our community’s water needs can be met through maintaining our current resources, namely dredging South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.   

Therefore, we ask that you 1) prioritize dredging as the first step to enlarging our water supply 2) aggressively pursue accurate information on which to base decisions, through timely and properly written Requests for Proposals, 3) stop all progress towards an earthen dam and 4) commit to a water plan that is environmentally and financially conservative from both a water supply and waste treatment perspective.  

We believe that City Council’s recent (Jan./Feb. 2011) decision to build a 30’ earthen dam at Ragged Mountain Natural Area is environmentally and financially reckless.   Inadequate information, namely an inflated water demand estimate and inaccurate estimates of dredging costs and returns, has led to this decision, casting it as a false choice to suffer drought, OR compromise our rivers, OR clear cut and flood our forest at Ragged Mountain.  City residents will pay the price of this plan for years to come in the form of higher water/sewer bills, lower water quality, and the loss of significant city assets including land at Ragged Mountain Natural Area and the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.  We want City Council to develop our water plan (supply and sewage) based on accurate and timely information, not false premises.  


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