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The city of Cincinnati is tearing families apart by seizing and killing family dogs based on appearance alone. This does not protect the public from dangerous or vicious dogs because it is based on appearance and not behavior. Research has shown that breed neutral dangerous dog laws that target RECKLESS owners keep communities safe. Tell Cincinnati City Council members that you won't support their discriminatory breed ban and you want a breed neutral dangerous dog law put into place. Toledo and Cleveland both have replaced their discriminatory ordinances with breed neutral laws and it's time for Cincinnati to give it's citizens the same protection.

Letter to
President Pro-Tem Cecil Thomas
Charlie Winburn
Wendell Young
and 6 others
Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls
Laure Quinlivan
Chris Bortz
Leslie Ghiz
Wayne Lippert
Amy Murray
I was very distressed to learn that the City Of Cincinnati is discriminating against people based on the physical appearance of their family dog. Research has clearly shown that physical appearance, or breed, does not determine behavior in dogs. Communities that have breed neutral dangerous dog laws which target reckless owners enjoy a higher degree of safety than those who target dogs based on appearance. Toledo and Cleveland have both repealed their breed discriminatory ordinances in favor of breed neutral ordinances. Both of these cities are following a national trend in order to improve public safety.

It is time for Cincinnati to stop wasting money and time by killing family dogs based on appearance. People want to be safe from dogs and the current ordinance does nothing to protect the public. Please adopt a new ordinance that enhances safety and puts the responsibility where it truly belongs, with the dog owner.

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