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Tell Choice Hotels to Prevent Child Prostitution in Their Hotels

Update: Choice Hotels has agreed to take important and proactive steps to protect children from child prostitution and sexual exploitation. Congratulations, Choice Hotels, and thank you for joining us in this fight to protect children.

Right now, children are falling prey to sex trafficking in American-owned hotels all over the world, and even right here at home. Just last month, 5-year-old Shaniya Davis was sold for sex at a Comfort Inn in North Carolina. The tragedy of Shaniya Davis and the abhorrence of child prostitution are universally acknowledged.  Companies like Choice Hotels, the parent company of the Comfort Inn where Shaniya was sold, have the power to help prevent it.

Choice Hotels can help prevent child prostitution with one simple action: signing the ECPAT Code of Conduct.  More than 900 companies around the world (very few of them from the U.S.) have been willing to take this simple, effective action.  Without their commitment to eradicating child sex trafficking, American-owned hotels are signally their indifference to the plight of children. 

You can take action to prevent child prostitution by sending a letter to Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce, telling him to sign the ECPAT Code of Conduct and commit to preventing child sex tourism in Choice Hotel hotels. 

Letter to
CEO Steve Joyce
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Anne Madison
Senior Director, Corporate Communications David Peikin
As a customer, the ethical standards a hotel embraces are very important to me. Right now, in Choice Hotels in America, children are being forced into prostitution. Your company may be unintentionally facilitating this prostitution by ignoring this growing problem. The recent tragedy of Shaniya Davis’s rape and murder, part of which took place at a Comfort Inn in North Carolina, highlights this growing issue. This outrage has to be stopped, and you can stop it.

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (, developed by ECPAT in conjunction with the travel industry, can help your business become a more responsible member of our local and global community.

A recent survey shows that travelers strongly support companies that implement The Code. To date, more than 900 companies across the word have signed ‘The Code’ and your company can be the next to join them.

Under this voluntary Code, a company agrees to:

1. Establish an ethical policy regarding commercial sexual exploitation of children.
2. Train the personnel in the country of origin and travel destinations.
3. Introduce a clause in contracts with suppliers, stating the common repudiation of commercial sexual exploitation of children.
4. Provide information to travelers by means of catalogues, brochures, in-flight films, ticketslips, web-sites, etc.
5. Provide information to local ’’key persons’’ at the destinations.
6. Report annually.

Putting an end to child prostitution is urgent to me. You truly have the power to prevent what happened to Shaniya Davis from happening to other children. Please, act now to end child prostitution. I will follow up on your decision and this will be affecting my purchases in the future.

Thank you for you time.


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