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Petitioning Co-CEO, Chipotle Montgomery Moran and 2 others

Tell Chipotle to Have Some "Integrity" and Stand Up for Farmworkers!

***Update: Since the East Coast Growers and Packers company has agreed to pass the extra wages on to the workers, Chipotle is now paying farmworkers and extra penny a pound and has agreed to supply chain transparency and a code of conduct to prevent slavery.*** 


The foil on your thick, juicy Chipotle burrito might be hiding a secret ingredient: slavery.  That's because Chipotle refuses to pay the farworkers who pick their produce a living wage and take steps to ensure their suppliers are slave-free.  Tell Chipotle executives to end workers exploitation and stand up to their motto: "food with integrity".

The Coalition of Immokolee Workers (CIW), who have won great victories in the past few years in getting the likes of Taco Bell and McDonalds to agree to better wages and non-exploitative working conditions for farmworkers, are now setting their sights on burrito giant Chiptole.  This comes on the heels of Chipotle's support for Food Inc., a documentarty about "big food".   The Chipotle/Food Inc. relationship is a pathetic PR move that lacks any real ability to improve the lives of farmworkers in the U.S. and reduce human trafficking in agriculture. 

Some of the farm workers are paid sub-poverty wages in gross violations of labor laws.  Others have been

"Beaten and chained inside trucks at night so that they couldn't escape. Enslaved, the food they produced was distributed by restaurants and supermarkets throughout the country."

I love a good burrito, but not one that has been tainted by slavery.  It's time Chipotle stood up for farmworkers and against human trafficking and exploitation. 

We need to tell Chipotle executives to live their motto "food with integrity."  Together we can stand up for justice, integrity, and delicious burritos!   

Letter to
Co-CEO, Chipotle Montgomery Moran
Communications Director, Chipotle Chris Arnold
Chief Marketing Officer, Chipotle Mark Crumpacker
I love burritos! That's one of the reasons I want Chipotle to live up to its "food with integrity" promise by standing up for Florida farmworkers and taking steps to prevent exploitation and human trafficking in your supply chains. I believe Chipotle cares about how its product gets made and where its ingredients come from.

The Florida workers who pick Chipotle's tomatoes have one of the worst jobs in America, with sub-poverty wages, back-breaking labor, and unimaginable exploitation. There have been many cases of human trafficking and modern-day slavery among these farmworkers. It's time for Chipotle to join in a formal agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a widely respected farmworker organization and a leader in the field of human rights. Partnering with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will ensure the workers who pick Chipotle's tomatoes are treated fairly and paid a living wage, and will help prevent human trafficking of farmworkers.

Please, take a stand against slavery and exploitation by living up to your motto and partnering with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.