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Tell China to Release Southern Mongolian Writers Huuchinhuu and Hada

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Ms. Huuchinhuu Govruud, a well-known Southern (Inner) Mongolian dissident writer who has gone missing since January 27, 2011 was frequently beaten by police from the Tongliao City Horchin District Public Security Bureau in eastern Southern Mongolia. Ms.Huuchinhuu is an activist and member of the banned organization Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance (SMDA).

Huuchinhuu risked her life advocating for freedom and basic human rights for the oppressed Southern (Inner) Mongolian people under Chinese rule. Now, she needs our help. Huuchinhuu should be freed in accordance with Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which China is a signatory.

In a personal essay, Huuchinhuu writes, "What I am really desperately longing for is freedom and a normal human life. To me having a normal human life in my own home, cold and small as it may be, means so much." Here is Huuchinhuu's own account of what life was like inside and outside of prison:

She continues, "My imprisonment is my misfortune. However, the most unfortunate event is that the Southern Mongolians have lost their freedom as a people. My personal misery would be nothing if the Mongolian people enjoyed freedom. A middle-aged Mongolian man had been arrested and detained for 97 days merely for running a Mongolian website. He was released on bail, but has no freedom at all; a young Mongolian was locked up for writing and singing a song. No one knows if he is freed or not. Friends of mine were planning to meet Hada, a South Mongolian dissident writer, upon his release, but they were “advised” not to meet with Hada. I heard these while under house arrest. How many others have been “advised” or locked up is completely beyond knowledge."

"On December 10, 2010, Hada completed the full term of his sentence at Inner Mongolia Jail No.4 in Ulaanhad City. Violating the internationally accepted human rights standards and their own laws, the Chinese authorities continue to detain Hada in a secret prison in suburban Hohhot, the capital city of the region, and have also arrested and detained his wife, Xinna, and his son, Uiles. Currently, all three members of his family are being held separately in Hohhot for their consistent refusal to cooperate with the Chinese authorities."


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