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Chevron makes billions of dollars drilling for oil in some of the world's poorest countries.

But as people in these countries slide deeper into chronic hunger and poverty, they're clearly not seeing the benefits. And Chevron won't come clean about the billions it pays in secret to foreign governments, so poor people have no way to demand their fair share of oil revenues for schools, clinics and jobs.

Tell Chevron to open the books on its secret payments - and stop shutting out the world's poorest people.

Letter to
Manager Chevron
I'm writing in support of Oxfam America's shareholder proposal asking Chevron to report its secret payments for the extraction of oil, gas and minerals on a country-by-country basis.

Chevron's lack of transparency denies poor communities information they could use to call for their fair share of revenues for schools, health care and jobs. It also decreases stability in developing countries, which discourages investment and undermines Chevron's long-term interest.

Since Chevron operates in countries like Nigeria, Angola, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan with poor records on corruption and human rights, transparency can help Chevron show that it has nothing to hide.

It's not enough to rely on countries like these to initiate transparency on their own - Chevron must open the books.

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