Tell Change​.​org to hire Noxolo Mfocwa as Campaigns Strategist (South Africa) today!

Tell Change​.​org to hire Noxolo Mfocwa as Campaigns Strategist (South Africa) today!

6 April 2022
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Started by Noxolo Mfocwa

With South Africa's unemployment rate at an all time high of 35.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021, Noxolo Mfocwa is one of the many unemployed young people in Mzansi desperately searching for employment. Having been retrenched from her previous social justice campaigning job during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, would be the perfect place for Noxolo to apply her skills and talents through contributing to high impact people powered campaigns that change lives.

Noxolo Mfocwa is a Social Justice Campaign Specialist, an Afrikan radical feminist, who is passionate about driving social change for a just and equal society. During her years as a student, at the University Still Known As Rhodes, she led and participated in student collectives such as the Student HIV/Aids Resistance Campaign, Black Management Forum Student Chapter, the Black Students Movement, #FeesMustFall and #RUReferenceList. She also served under various substructures of the SRC.

She is one of the Black women who were excluded from the university for leading the #RUReferenceList protests against rape culture, which resulted in the widespread #RhodesWar campaign. She is a proud graduate of the first cohort of’s Digital Campaigner Fellows. And went on to work as a Junior Campaigner at She also spent some time working as the Inequality Campaigns Coordinator and also as a Consultant in the Women's Rights group at Oxfam South Africa.

Noxolo believes that the combination of her grassroots feminist activism, grassroots feminist organizing and civil society experience, her BSocSci (Political & International Relations and Sociology) training so far, her media training with FrayInterMedia and her Digital Campaigner training with make me her a highly competitive candidate for the position. 

"My key strengths that would support my success in this position include: 

● I have worked on successful social justice campaigns with duties including creating concept notes & proposals, budgeting, multilingual copywriting, graphic design, content creation, events planning and coordination and the writing of donor reports. 

I have worked on projects and campaigns in partnership with various community based groups and organizations. This work included managing these relationships on behalf of the organizations I worked for. 

I have worked on successful media campaigns,with duties including live television & radio interviews and the writing & dissemination of media statements & press releases.

I have successfully planned and facilitated various training and workshops to transfer skills, digital solutions and to disseminate various research findings to community based groups and partner organizations.

I have successfully moderated and managed all social media platforms and communities for over a period of 3 years. 

I am competent in best practice of various digital and civic-technology innovations, tools and platforms that are able to amplify the voices of ordinary people to win campaigns. 

I have worked in the policy making and public participation area through various campaigns that directly targeted Parliament and the private sector amplifying the voices of Black low income women.

Having personally experienced the power and impact of digital and social media in fighting injustice in our age, I strive to combine my activism and passion for social justice with my capabilities and experience in media, digital and civic technology and community organizing in order to amplify the stories and lived experiences of marginalized Black people of Mzansi who are fighting for equality and justice on the ground everyday."

If we act now, we can help increase Noxolo's chances of getting the job. She intends to use this campaign to showcase to that she is passionate about campaigning and that she can turn any issue into a high impact campaign that people can get behind. Add your signature and spread the word.



This petition made change with 124 supporters!

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