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Anti-vaccine advocates Mercola and the National Vaccine Informaion Center are scheduled to run an anti-vaccine ad on CBS Outdoor's JumboTron on 42nd St in Times Square through April 26. 

Mercola and NVIC claim that vaccines cause autism, learning disabilities, cancer and instant death. They encourage parents to refuse vaccines by either delaying their schedules or opting out altogether. Their claims are simply false, and the delay or flat out refusal to vaccinate is a threat to public health.

People are needlessly being infected with vaccine-preventable diseases because of vaccine fears from vaccine fear-mongers such as Mercola and the NVIC. Do not let them advertise their dangerous misinformation.

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We are asking CBS not to run Mercola and the NVIC's anti-vaccine ad in Times Square.

Mercola and the NVIC have cooperated to run an ad in Times Square through April 26. This ad directs viewers to their sites to learn more about vaccines. Upon visiting these two sites, consumers are falsely informed that vaccines cause autism, learning disabilities, seizures, cancer and death. Mercola actively encourages the public to refuse vaccines. And the NVIC works to ensure that parents have opportunity and reason to refuse vaccines for their children.

Their information is wrong. And the fear these two organizations are spreading is deadly. In the last four years, in the US alone, almost 77,000 people have been infected with vaccine preventable diseases. over 700 of those people died. According to the WHO, measles kills 200,000 people worldwide annually.

Last year, 10 babies died in California from whooping cough, deaths which were easily preventable had the people around them been vaccinated. This year, measles outbreak in Minnesota has hospitalized up to a half dozen unvaccinated children. And just this week, a school in Roanoke, VA, lax on vaccine enforcement, was closed due to at least 30 of their students and staff being infected with pertussis, putting the entire community at risk; and a high school in Utah has sent home 30 students and two pregnant faculty members after a single unvaccinated student was diagnosed with measles.

As of 10 years ago, measles was considered eradicated in the United States. Now, thanks to anti-vaccine campaigns such as this one, we are seeing a resurgence.

Mercola and the NVIC's message is dangerous, even deadly. Do not let them use your screens to threaten our health and well-being.

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