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Canada: Stop Killing Baby Seals/ EU: Ban Fur and Boycott Canadian Seafood

"Sealers in 2011 killed 37,609 seal pups (official count.) This includes over 1,700 ragged jackets (molting seals under 3 weeks old). The seal 'hunt' remains open as long as the quota is not met, but commercial sealing boats are not currently going out to kill seals. Thus the number of seal pups killed this year is expected to total about 8% of the quota.

This year, observers from IFAW and HSI witnessed more violations of the regulations that are supposed to prevent horrendous cruelty - like checking for blinking and cutting an artery on the pups to make sure that they are dead.

They witnessed the shooting of the youngest seal pups who legally can be killed - the 'ragged jackets'. One pup they saw was shot in the neck and left to suffer, crying in agony. Nevertheless, the Canadian government continues to claim that the seal 'hunt' is humane." (

"Despite the EU ban on seal products in 2009 and public outcry from around the globe Canada’s government is still trying to convince people that their barbaric and inhumane hunt is necessary, all while spending tax-payer dollars on diligently trying to find new markets for seal products, rather than working to transition the few thousand sealers into a more stable industry." (

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Tell Canada To Stop Killing Seals
European Union: Total Ban Canadian Seal Fur/Products and Boycott Canadian Seafood Until the Seal Hun
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Tell Canada To Stop Killing Seals./Tell the European Union to Total Ban Canadian Seal Fur/ Seal Products and Boycott Canadian Seafood Until the Seal Hunt Ends!

Stop Killing Baby Seals

The Honorable Steven Harper,
Prime Minister of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It is with great disgust and quite frankly, embararrassment about Canada´s actions that I am contacting you. Each year, hundreds of thousand of seals are clubbed and shot to death because the Canadian Government decided that they eat too many fish.

Seals are already facing an ecological disaster. As you may know, they need the ice to give birth and nurse their babies. Lower ice formations are expected in the future, as well as mass pup mortality. However, Canada goes on allowing hunters to kill those animals, the few seal pups who live through this disaster will be clubbed and shot to death as they cling to tiny pans of ice.

It is time to stop killing seals or we will boycott canadian seafood.

I urge you to consider the extremely negative animal welfare, the ecological and economic impacts of the commercial seal hunt, and end it for good.


the European Commissioner for the Environment.
European Commission
Environment DG
B - 1049 Brussels

Dear Commissioner for the Environment,

The ban of seal fur was a big step for us europeans. The most of us reject Canada´s action and allowance for murdering hundreds os thousands of seals, clubbed and shot to death in the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the Earth. However, for us, the ban of seal fur alone is not enough.

I do not want to support Canada in any way and I urge the total ban of seal products and boycott of canadian seafood until the seal hunt ends.


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